Digitize your 8mm, Super8 and 16mm films

We use the newest technology available for the film scanning, which offers the best solution available to safeguard and restore your dear memories. We scan and transfer image by image, frame by frame. Click here to see our equipment used for this.

We restore your film as much as possible, removing film grain and dirt spots, correcting colors and brightness, fixing the sharpness and stabilizing the images.

Use the link below to see our unique Film Restoration in action!

Exceptional quality service
Digitization of 8mm, Super8mm and 16mm films

√  Splicing (when needed)

√  Chaptering

  Film restoration; color, brightness, gamma, grain removal

  Image stabilization

  Transfer to DVD and/or Hard Drive

√  Printing the DVD and its cover with pictures from your films

Transfer your Video Cassettes
We convert your VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi-8 and Mini-DV tapes into digital format. We use professional VCR for our video transfers, achieving the best quality possible.

Unfortunately, your family video tapes are subject to damages caused by humidity, temperature extremes, and magnetic fields that occur naturally inside your home. Only by digitizing your tapes to DVD or hard drive you will save your family images.

Personalization, Customize your DVD

DVD, Hard Drive, USB Key
We recommend choosing DVD or USB flash drive to view your films on television. If you are interested in editing your movies on your own, we can transfer it to an external USB hard drive or USB flash drive, which you can plug into your computer and edit, using a video editing software of your choice. If you want to have a real archive of your films, for keeping purposes, hard drive is the solution. As a default, we deliver the files in .AVI format. If you want your files in .MOV format, please write it on the Order Form.