Thank you very much for your converting my 40 reels of home 8mm movies into digital format so quickly and in such a high standard.
I also thank you very much for taking the time to answer in detail all my questions regarding the work that goes into the video post-production stage of the 8mm film digitization process.

I look forward to our future collaboration and I am very happy to have found through your company such a high quality solution to preserve my family’s memories in digital format for the future generations.

With best regards,

Asterios Chrysanthopoulos
Versoix / GE, Switzerland

“ What a joy it was to watch these old movies and reopen my memory banks! Thank you Opus Video for the service you provide to folks. Excellent service I might add! My children, siblings and their children will treasure these for ever.

Thank you!

Nancy Hill
Zurich / ZH, Switzerland

“I am so glad I found you guys! I just viewed my DVDs that you made from my parents Super 8 films and I can't believe how awesome they turned out. Keep up the great work!

Paul Gonzalez
Lugano / TI, Switzerland

“Thank you for doing such an amazing job with my family's 8mm movie films. The entire extended family has been enjoying seeing relatives that some of us had never seen before. We will definitely be passing your company's name along to all of our friends.

 Keneth Taylor
Zug / ZG, Switzerland

“My wife and I cleaned out the attic last month and found a lot of 40 year old 8mm film reels which we had forgotten about.

As the old projector didn’t work I looked up in Internet and found the address of Opus Video in Vevey.

I sent off a few reels just to see what came back and we were very happy with the results.

We have now had all our reels converted to DVD format by Opus Video.

The service was excellent and prompt.

Robert Lightowler
Oberrohrdorf / AG, Switzerland

“Thank you very much for your excellent work transferring all my 50 years old 8mm films onto DVD and hard disk.

The quality of the work is outstanding, in fact much better pictures than the original film represented. Being able to restore those old films to better quality than the original is amazing. The colors are perfect, the pictures are clear and sharp.

I will highly recommend your service to my friends and family.

Gilbert Klein
Göppingen, Germany 

“I have just received my DVDs with my old 8mm films. The films, from the late 60s, where in bad condition so I did not expect much. But the quality of the DVD is beyond my believe! The films on the DVD are stabilized, de-grained and colors are sharp and clear.

Pictures from my films printed on the DVDs and the DVD cover came as a pleasant surprise.

I can highly recommend Opus Video, the quality of work is outstanding.

Thank you and congratulation!

Roberto Ceranini
Winterthur / ZH, Switzerland 

“While going through some boxes that had been stored in a closet, we found three spools of 8mm film that had been taken in Geneva in the summer of 1976, when our eldest daughter was 9 months old. As her son, who was born earlier this year, is now about the same age, we thought that offering her those films on DVD would be a wonderful birthday present.

The job that you did converting the films to DVD was superb, and beyond what we could have imagined. The colors were vivid and the music was perfectly integrated. The lovely packaging and the printing on the DVD itself made it a unique gift.

I’m sure that we’ll be converting more 8mm film to DVD in the future

Jay W. Wormus
Douvaine, France 

“Before last weekend I received my 8mm film transfer from Opus Video. So, the whole family came together during the weekend and watched those 40+ years memories.

The quality of the transfer is outstanding; far beyond our expectations. Sharp pictures and clear colors - if any: better than the original ones. The music added is like tailored to the film.

Pictures from the film printed on the DVDs and its covers were a pleasant surprise!

Thank you Opus Video, we will recommend your great service to everyone in need of transferring old 8mm films onto DVD.

Jack Bonnet
Basel / BS, Switzerland 

“I just received my order this morning. I am very satisfied and impressed with the quality of your work; the clearness and sharpness of the films are amazing.

The 8mm films are over 50 years old and I thought they would not come out so well. My father had sent some films to other company for transfer and that was a horror. So receiving your fantastic work this morning was really a pleasure.

Peter Bradley
Zürich / ZH, Switzerland

“Thank you for such an excellent job, I recommend you to all those who have 8mm films and want them done in highest professional manner.“ Dear Opus Video,

Thank you for the conversion of my Single-8 (Fujii) films.

The films are over 40 years old so I was amazed by the quality and impressed by the speedy service.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you

Jamie Knight
Lausanne / VD, Switzerland 

“Thank you very, very much for doing all my Super-8mm films in such a short time. We have seen them all and it is amazing to see 25 years of our life. The quality is extremely good and the music you choose fits so well with the subjects of the film. We are really happy about your work.

We have just found a VHS video of almost 19 years old and we will send it to you for a transfer. The quality is rather poor but we know that you can do miracles.

Thank you and best regards.

Marina Bachmann and
Michael Froment
Leysin, Switzerland

“Thank you Opus Video.

I have enjoyed the quick turnaround, good quality and transparent pricing.

Cornel Slenters
Boniswil, Switzerland

“Dear Sir,

It is with pleasure that I hand over to you my testimony concerning your service and my personal satisfaction with your efficiency and quality of your services.

During our travel in Africa and South America (1977 – 1985) we filmed our discoveries in Super-8mm format. Since then, those films have hardly been viewed, the projector installation broke down, so hardly any chance left for a quick vision review.

After consultation on the Internet, I sent the reels to Opus Video for digitization and transfer onto DVD. I was delighted to discover the digitized versions simply switching on TV and DVD player.

The transfer onto DVDs was carried out with care; the quality is identical to the original or even lightly improved, using modern technical tricks. I found the price to be correct towards the quality produced; the work was carried out in a very short time.

Volker Mahnert
Geneva, Switzerland


I would like to thank you sincerely for the excellent work that you carried out; transferring my home video cassettes onto DVD.

I am very satisfied with the final quality result and the price that I find excellent.
What's more I would like to thank Mr. Einarsson personally for his availability, courtesy and punctuality.

I will certainly call on you in the future for other eventual works.
My distinguished greetings.

M. Paolo de Rosa
Lutry, Switzerland

“Ladies and Gentlement,

What a pleasure to view the Super8 films of 40 years simply by inserting DVD into the player. Especially if the old film projector has been out of order for the last 15 years.

This is now possible, thanks to the digitization of the originals by Opus Video.

The result is remarkable, the colors and the luminosity correspond to the reality, the sequence goes through without ruptures. The background music chosen by Opus Video perfectly adapts itself to the subject of the film. The packaging, provided with photos from the film, completes the work. Everything with advantageous cost.

Helmut Bolli
Morges, Switzerland

“It is with a pleasure that I respond to your letter where you asked me to confirm my satisfaction concerning the transfer of my 8mm and super8 films onto DVD. I am completely satisfied, the quality of your service is outstanding.

I am equally happy with the result of transferring VHS video on DVD; the obtained quality is very good.

Jean-Pierre Muller
Vevey, Suisse

“Dear Sir,

This morning I received my DVDs and the old 8mm films. The quality of your work, both the movie and the sound is excellent.

The presentation of the DVDs and its covers came as a nice surprise; all decorated with pictures from the films.

I can recommend your service without any hesitation to everyone.

Hans Keiser
Basel, Suisse